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Dear Sirs/To Whom it may concern, we would like to offer to cooperate with you in the field of civil engineering projects. We provide mechanical earth-moving and soil disposal projects:

The form that potential cooperation with the company for whom we would perform this work would take would be that, upon mutual contractual agreement on the length of the project and the agreed price, we would perform the agreed-upon duties using the plant and machinery provided by or belonging to the company making the order.

We specialise in

The following brands of tracked, wheeled, or tractor graders and excavators:

  • CAT 428,432C, 442, 312C, 315C, 316, 318, 320, 325.TH 63
  • JCB 3cx, 130, 160, 200, 220
  • Terex 760
  • Komatsu – tractor excavators, belt excavators
  • MF 875

Drilling rigs

  • BG 15, BG 18, BG 24
  • SOIL MEC R - 620

Additional machines delivered by the employer upon mutual agreement.

Short presentation of some of the buildings and firms on which we have worked:

We can confidently guarantee the high-quality of the work performed – based on our long-term experience operating the plant and machinery described above.

We are an association of 4 to 6 civil engineering construction plant and machinery operators. We are citizens of the Czech Republic, and we all own the appropriate Sole Trader licences. We all – of course, have no criminal record. Each member of our association is authorised to operate the appropriate civil engineering plant and equipment and has a wide-ranging wealth of high-quality experience based on years of working in this field.