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Earth moving works

We carry out all earth-moving and processing work which involve:

Using heavy-duty machinery:

Joint-ventures with other companies to-date:

And a variety of projects involving other sub-contactors.

Special Earth-working projects

2000 – 2006 W.I.P.s (Works In Process)

These projects were oriented on deep foundation construction work, the drilling and driving of pylons and other associated earth-moving work concluding with final finishing using heavy-duty earth-working machinery.

We proved able to adapt ourselves in the course of the work undertaken through the development of special technological approaches and procedures based on interim alterations to the initial projects. These are all well recognised worldwide - and especially, the construction of high quality golf-courses.

Brno - Královo pole

Prague - Letňany - building of Tesco

Prague - Letňany - building of Tesco

Ústí nad Labem - Piloting of a bridge

Ostrava - buttres

Prague - Letňany - building of Tesco